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Sumerian word
English description
gir15, gi7 [KU]
noble; domestic, civilized; belonging to the native in-group (circle + city) [ŠE3 archaic frequency: 152].
a, e4
n., water; watercourse, canal; seminal fluid; offspring; father; tears; flood. [A archaic frequency: 519]
interj., alas!.
prep., locative suffix - where; in; when - denotes movement towards or in favor of a person.
def. article, nominalizing suffix for a noun or noun clause, denoting 'the'.
kud, kur5, ku5
to cut off (with -ta-); to breach (a dike); to separate; to levy tax or tribute; to curse (regularly followed by rá; cf., gur5, kìr, and gur10) (base with motion away from).

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