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English description
n., barley; grain; a small length measure, barleycorn = 1/6 finger = 1/30 cubit = 1.67 centimeter in Presarg.-OB period; as a surface area measure = 432 square linear barleycorns = 12 square fingers; as a volume measure = 1/180 gín = 1/3 gín-tur = 1 2/3 sìla = 360 cubic fingers = 1/10800 sar = approx. 1.667 liters; 1/180 of a gín or shekel of silver = ca. 0.0463 grams (cf., še-ga/ge) [ŠE archaic frequency: 639; concatenates 3 sign variants].
demonstrative affix, may indicate 'there' within the view of the speaker.
n., old age [LIBIR archaic frequency: 1].
v., to last long; to live long.
adj., old, ancient; traditional; used, worn (la, 'youthful freshness', + bír, 'to shrivel up').
bad, be
to open; to let out; to go away; to be at a distance; to drive away; to separate, remove (regularly followed by rá; cf., bara4 and semantics of bar) (open container with motion away from) [BAD archaic frequency: 23].

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