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English description
bi, bé
v., to diminish, lessen; to speak, say (accusative infix b 3rd pers. sing. neuter + e 'to speak'); to murmer, chirp, twitter, buzz, hum, howl, cry; mention (cf., biz; bi[z]) [KAŠ archaic frequency: 261; concatenates 4 sign variants].
pron., it.
poss. suffix, 'its' applies to inanimate (things and animals) and collective objects.
demonstrative suffix, this (one), that (one) - in this sense can occur with animates.
conj., and.
art., the.
adv., adverbial force suffix.
conjugation prefix, differentiates the semantic meaning of certain verbs.
n., old age [LIBIR archaic frequency: 1].
v., to last long; to live long.
adj., old, ancient; traditional; used, worn (la, 'youthful freshness', + bír, 'to shrivel up').
me, mì, ĝe
n., function, office, responsibility; ideal norm; the phenomenal area of a deity's power; divine decree, oracle; cult [ME archaic frequency: 363; concatenates 2 sign variants].
v., to be; the Sumerian copula; to say, tell.
poss. suffix, our.

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